Working in a distribution center can be stressful. Not only do you have to find your items and get them to their places on time, but you also need to be aware of your surroundings constantly. Keeping such a diligent eye out for potential safety accidents can be exhausting. That’s when having a Distribution Safety Vest from Safety Depot pays off.

Safety Depot has been helping businesses operate safely since 1996. Veteran owned, we understand that you have to watch out for yourself and others. That’s why we make safety vests, goggles, hard hats, and more for workers who may be in potentially dangerous situations. We want our customers to stress less knowing that they are clearly visible to those around them.

Who Needs A Distribution Safety Vest?

If you think safety vests are only for construction workers, then you’re wrong. Safety vests are great for a number of occupations, including distribution center workers. Even if you’re not operating a heavy piece of machinery or near fast traffic, wearing a Distribution Safety Vest is a smart idea.

In 2017, costs in occupational safety for all industries totaled $161.5 billion and of the list of preventable injuries, warehousing and transportation ranked number 2 overall. Let’s take a look to see what areas of your distribution center need to wear safety vests at all times.

Forklift Operators

OSHA reports 36% of forklift accidents in 2015 were caused by serious injury or death. Forklifts may not be the fastest vehicles. They often have heavy loads that can certainly pack a punch. When operating a large vehicle, wear a safety vest so everyone can see you. Wearing a vest lets co-workers know there is an operator in that vehicle. They will know it is not safe to approach it.

Not only is it important to be able to see the forklift operator, but the forklift operator also needs to be able to see you too. If your staff is working around forklifts frequently, wearing a Distribution Safety Vest will make them stand out to the operator.

Shipping & Receiving Dock Workers

When it comes to shipping and receiving, a lot of things work in reverse. We’re talking mostly about tracker trailers and other vehicles that load and unload cargo. The American Supply Association reports that 25% of all industrial accidents occur at the loading dock, many of which are associated with the use of forklift trucks. Not only that, for each accident that does occur, but there are also about 600 near misses.

Maneuvering a tractor-trailer in reverse is a pretty difficult task, not to mention doing it while there are people around the vehicle waiting for you. It is essential that every person that regularly interacts with these large vehicles can be seen by the driver and other distribution personnel to ensure safety. Wearing a Distribution Safety Vest and having the proper training for loading and unloading docks will keep you and those around you safe.

Maintenance Workers

We don’t need to tell you that distribution centers are loud and noisy. When equipment goes down, you’ll need your maintenance workers to fix it. Sometimes in a loud environment, not everyone gets the memo about what pieces of equipment are out of order. When maintenance workers are equipped with a Distribution Safety Vest, other staff members will know not to go near that the equipment that’s being worked on. They can see that a professional is working on it.

Keeping maintenance workers highly visible is also good in case they need to be in not-so-visible places like under the machinery. Having additional signage, cones, or tape is also a good way to designate an out-of-order area.

Outfit You Whole Team in Distribution Safety Vests

When you rely on your staff to find their own safety vests, you may be surprised in what they turn up in. Not all safety vests are the same. To ensure that everyone meets safety regulations, you should supply every member of your staff with a Distribution Safety Vest from Safety Depot. You can also get vests customized with names, positions, or logos.

Although many find uniformity restricting, creating a regular uniform can promote a team mentality. Give your team identity and pride when you order custom logoed safety vests from Safety Depot. Since our projects are all done in house, you can expect fast quotes, fast turnaround time, and rapid response with flexible adjustments. Custom printing is also available on t-shirts, jackets, and hardhats.

Order your Distribution Safety Vest from Safety Depot Today

Shop Safety Depot today to find the best Distribution Safety Vest right for your job. Our safety vests come in a variety of sizes, colors, and classes so we can outfit everyone properly. Contact us today and ask us about custom printing safety vests for your distribution center staff. Our friendly customer service representatives will get your team looking sharp, fast.