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Landscapers benefit from wearing safety vests

Landscapers need to wear safety vests to be seen on the job. They often work nearby oncoming traffic moving at speeds of 25 mph or higher. When their attention is diverted away from approaching traffic, wearing a Class 2 reflective… Read more »

Incident Command vests identify key personnel in a crisis

Emergency, crisis and disaster zones are often the scene of chaos. During these frenzied predicaments, it’s vital that responders and key personnel are easily identifiable by wearing incident command vests.   Managing a major emergency response properly is critical. Effective… Read more »

Durable hard hats to protect your head on the job

Protecting employees from head injuries is a vital part of any work safety program, and safety apparel wardrobe. The hard hat is one of the most important pieces of safety apparel because it protects the brain. Not only do hard… Read more »