How to prevent work related injuries

High visibility safety apparel prevents personal injury


At Safety Depot, your safety is our passion. We believe that providing workers with the best high visibility safety clothing and gear is vital. However, helping you to understand the dangers of the most hazardous work zones and how to avoid them is also part of the equation.


Work related injuries – the statistics

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor) has recently released its National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2012 report. In 2012, 4,383 work injuries were recorded. Safety Depot would like to point-out that the report indicates 712 injuries (16% of all work related fatalities in the U.S.) were caused by workers having contact with or being struck by objects or equipment (common in construction job sites). It’s reported that 169 heavy and civil engineering construction fatalities occurred in 2012 – responsible for 4% of all work related fatalities.


An excerpt from the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health administration) Work Zone Hazards workbook states, “Employees being struck by vehicles or mobile equipment lead to many work zone fatalities and injuries. A work zone activity is dangerous business. This is not the place to cut corners or cheat on safety. It’s your life on the line, so pay attention and know what it takes to keep you safe.” Safety Depot agrees.


Ways to improve job safety – Safety Depot can help

The OSHA Work Zone Hazards Workbook offers information and workbook training on the elements of providing job site and worker safety. These safety elements are:


  • Training
  • Worker Safety Apparel (such as the high visibility safety apparel found at Safety Depot)
  • Temporary Traffic Barriers
  • Speed Reduction
  • Activity Area
  • Worker Safety Planning


Note that “training” is the number one element on this list. Without workers being provided adequate training by a competent person, they’re defenseless against hazardous conditions and how to avoid them on the job. Frequent and regular job site inspections combined with ongoing safety training and procedural reminders are the first line of defense to keep workers safe.


Worker Safety Apparel is the second most important topic on the OSHA list. Wearing adequate high visibility safety apparel is not only vital to personal safety, it’s the law. Safety Depot carries a complete line of high visibility safety apparel and gear for a wide variety of occupations. Our garments meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) standards for Class 1-3 safety apparel – meeting ANSI 107 requirements.

ANSI 107 rated high visibility safety apparel by Safety Depot

Below is a description of ANSI 107 high visibility safety apparel classes, and information on the Safety Depot garments that match each category:


Safety Apparel Class Rating

Safety Depot high visibility apparel that meets Class 1-3 requirements

Description of each class (As provided in the OSHA Work Zone Hazards Workbook)

Class 3


Class 3 safety apparel should be worn in the most extreme work zones and conditions, such as:

  • Vehicle/equipment speeds exceed 50 mph
  • Worker and vehicle operator are distracted and have high task loads
  • Worker must be visible through a full range of body motions (360 degrees), at a minimum of a ¼ mile (390 meters), identifiable as a person


Class 2

Class 2 safety apparel is required when:

  • Greater visibility is desired during inclement weather
  • Complex backgrounds are present
  • Employees perform tasks that divert attention away from approaching vehicles
  • Vehicle/equipment speeds exceed 25 mph, but less than 50 mph
  • Work is performed in or near traffic

Class 1

Safety Depot refers all Class 1 garment seekers to our Class 2 high visibility safety apparel. We carry only Class 2 and 3 safety garments – please see above. We also sell a variety of economy non-ANSI safety vests and garments, for when extra safety precautions are needed on the job, but not required.

Class 1 safety apparel is intended for low-risk work, where:

  • Worker can give full and undivided attention to approaching traffic
  • There is ample separation between worker and traffic
  • Background is not too complex
  • Vehicles and equipment speeds to not exceed 25 mph (such as in a parking lot)


Keep your workers safe. Place an order for Safety Depot high visibility safety apparel today – we provide discounts on bulk orders. Call (800) 746-5357 to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.