Lead Indicators

Implementing lead indicators creates a safer work environment

Does your organization place safety as a top priority? Safety Depot recommends this, because it could be the difference between violating laws that lead to shut down and an environment that is optimally productive and profitable.


There are several ways to improve safety on the job. Using leading indicators of safety performance (sometimes combined with lagging indicator results) can significantly lessen work related injuries – and decrease liability.


Lagging indicators report incidents that have already occurred. Unlike “lagging” or “trailing” indicators, “leading” indicators involving work safety can help employers to prevent occupational injuries by identifying factors that are the cause of injury in the first place.


Work safety leading indicators help employers and employees take steps to reduce the risk of injury, and possibly compare their OHS (occupational health and safety) performance against similar workplaces. When risk is identified early, proper training can be provided to enhance worker safety and reduce a company’s liability.


According to ADI (Aubrey Daniels International – a company that provides technological and scientific job/company performance strategies), safety strategy that is reinforced and measured, gets done. They define key ways of “Developing High-Impact Lead Indicators for Safety,” and those are:


  • Safety training
  • Safety Audits
  • Behavior-based safety
  • Safety meetings


ADI maintains that lead indicators should:


  • Allow you to see small improvements in performance
  • Measure the positive: what people are doing versus failing to do
  • Enable frequent feedback to all stakeholders
  • Be credible to performers
  • Be predictive
  • Increase constructive problem solving around safety
  • Make it clear what needs to be done to get better
  • Track impact versus intention


Developing lead indicators for the workplace is a long process, however, after time and reinforcement, they become habits that lead to greater workplace safety performance.


At Safety Depot, your safety is our passion. We help to supply employers with the most up-to-date high visibility safety apparel that assist with the reinforcement of leading indicators – a critical aspect of avoiding workplace injury. To place an order, give us a call at (800) 746-5357.