Incident Command vests identify key personnel in a crisis

Emergency, crisis and disaster zones are often the scene of chaos. During these frenzied predicaments, it’s vital that responders and key personnel are easily identifiable by wearing incident command vests.


Managing a major emergency response properly is critical. Effective coordination among local (normally the first responders), state and federal organizations at the scene are key factors in the success of a response to a major incident. All responders wearing unified incident command vests on the scene will help control the chaos.


An explanation of the Incident Command System and Unified Command

The ICS (Incident Command System) is a national, standardized on-scene incident management model. It’s designed as a guideline for responders to implement an organizational structure at the scene of an incident, equal to the complexity and demands of the situation, without being hindered by jurisdictional boundaries.


Sometimes there is a need for an ICS to be expanded into a UC (Unified Command). A UC structure brings the incident commanders of all major organizations together, in order to coordinate an effective response (while at the same time, carrying out their own jurisdictional responsibilities). A UC system links all organizations responding to the incident, and allows for decisions to be made by consensus.


Modeling the ICS/UC are effective on-site management tools for all emergency response incidents. It’s particularly important for local responders to understand the concepts of ICS/UC, as they are generally the first to arrive on scene, and often prepare the setting for any state and federal organizations that may be joining them at the incident.


Safety Depot has a selection of incident command vests in a variety of colors. Some vests are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Class 2 compliant. For further information or to place an order for your department, give us a call at (800) 746-5357.