Safety Depot understands that dressing properly for hazardous jobs prevents injuries and decreases your liability. The most vulnerable workers – from parking attendants to roadway construction crews – need 360-degree visibility, day or night. We’re here to help you find which garments best suit your needs, and meet safety garment industry requirements.

Safety Depot has developed a complete line of high-visibility safety vests and apparel that meet or exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute)  and ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) standards for Class 1-3 safety apparel.

The ANSI Standard (107-2010), is the most updated criteria for three garment classes. Each class requires a specific amount of base material combined with retro-reflective material. Functionality and class requirements vary due to tasks, severity of work hazards, and environmental conditions of the worker. Safety Depot reflective safety vests, jackets and other reflective cloting help employers to stay compliant with these standards, and more importantly, keep workers safe.

Here’s a brief explanation of each safety garment class requirement, making it easy to choose the right reflect safety clothing and gear for the men and women who will be wearing them:
Class-1 compliant garments are for jobs that are the least hazardous. They are intended for occupations where workers have abundant separation from approaching traffic, vehicles are travelling at speeds of 25 mph or less, and the worker is able to give his full attention to oncoming traffic (such as parking attendants and shopping cart retrievers). These garments are required to have a minimum of a one-inch retro-reflective band. Each garment should have 217 square inches of brightly colored base material with 155 square inches of retro-reflective material, providing overall visibility. These garments are not required to have sleeves.
Class-2 compliant garments are designed for hazardous jobs where workers need greater visibility (such as a crossing guard or airport ground crews). When work is nearby oncoming traffic, a worker’s attention is diverted from approaching traffic, vehicles traveling at or over 25-miles per hour are within close proximity to them, or weather is bad, a Class-2 garment is required. Class-2 offers 360-degree visibility, featuring a minimum of 1-3/8” retro-reflective band width, and 201 square inches of retro-reflective material, combined with 775 square inches of brightly colored base material. These garments are not required to have sleeves.
Class-3 compliant garments are required when visibility is at its worst – night, extreme weather conditions or when surrounding objects and conditions affect a workers visibility. Emergency responders, road construction workers and road surveyors are some of the occupations that require more protection. Class-3 garments protect distracted workers exposed to high speeds on roadways or limited sight distance from drivers – helping to provide visibility from at least 1,280 feet. All Class-3 garments have sleeves of varying lengths depending on the garment style. Each has 360-degree visibility, a minimum of a two-inch width retro-reflective band and 310 square inches of retro-reflective material combined with 1240 square inches of brightly colored base material.
<h3>Non-ANSI compliant garments</h3>
Safety Depot also sells a variety of high visibility, non-ANSI compliant safety vests and garments, for when extra safety precautions are needed on the job, but not required.

We sell vests in a variety of materials, from solids to mesh, to keep workers comfortable on the job, as well as specialty flame retardant vests, safety T’s, sweatshirts, and more. Also take a look at our safety sunglasses, accessories and high visibility rain gear.

Safety Depot would like to remind employers that while we hope the information provided is helpful in making safety garment selections for employees, it’s vital that employers and workers be fully educated on and adhere to <a href=””>ANSI</a>/<a href=””>ISEA</a> regulations for occupational safety garments, as these requirements change regularly.

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