Economy safety vests for visibility on low-risk jobs

Many jobs don’t require ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regulation safety vests to be worn. However, many occupations are still somewhat hazardous, or workers simply need to be identifiable. Safety Depot sells a variety of economical non-ANSI vests to keep low-hazard workers identifiable and seen – no matter the task.

Requiring an employee to be identifiable by wearing a vest on the job site provides easy detection when customer assistance is needed. Cashiers, stockers, shopping cart retrievers, parking lot attendants, event attendants, theater ushers and more, need to be visible and easily identifiable to the public.

Safety Depot sells a variety of inexpensive fluorescent orange or lime mesh economy vests, with or without reflective stripes. These are “one size fits most” and can easily be shared between co-workers on different shifts. The mesh fabric “breathes,” so when workers are on the go, they keep cool.

Another option would be to purchase one of our solid colored economy vests, often seen worn by store clerks, theater ushers, and more. These vests feature pockets for pens, flashlights and other necessary job tools. Solid vests are ideal for adding your company name or logo – we offer full-color digital transfer services.

We also carry two economy safety smocks that tie in the back. They’re very basic, but get the job done.

To purchase any of our economy safety vests, or speak with a customer representative about options, please call (800) 746-5357.

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