Children’s Safety Vests

Children’s safety vests offer plenty of ways to keep kids safe and seen


Keeping children safe and seen is always a top priority. It’s fast becoming a common thread in communities across America to see children’s safety vests being worn by youth. There are many reasons for children’s safety vests to be worn, particularly on or near school campuses, when riding bikes, and much more.


The many uses for children’s high visibility safety vests

How and when a child should wear a safety vest depends on many factors. Here are a few examples of how safety vests can be used, or could be used, for kids:


School bus service: Many schools are requiring students who ride the bus to wear safety vests walking to and from the bus, and while waiting at bus stops. (In some countries, such as various regions of France, children are required to wear safety vests to and from school – no matter how they’re transported – in order to help maintain personal safety.)


Walking to school: If you child walks to school, it might be worth the investing in an inexpensive safety vest for them to wear, particularly if they are unattended by an adult. The Federal Highway Administration indicates that pedestrian accidents are most prevalent with 5-9-year-olds.


High School parking lots: Some high schools require students who drive themselves to school to wear safety vests to and from their cars while walking in the parking lots. This helps them remain visible and reduce the risk of being struck by another vehicle (common dangers in any parking lot – particularly where inexperienced drivers are present).


School field trips: Often, schools require each child on a field trip to wear safety vests for quick and easy identification, as well as remain highly visible to nearby traffic (important on most field trips where walking in cross walks or along sidewalks near traffic often occurs, or where crowds are present).


School restroom breaks: A child wearing a safety vest to and from the restroom during school hours indicates to teachers and other school personnel that the child has permission to be out of the classroom for a trip to the restroom. Wearing a vest (provide by the teacher or office) is also much more sanitary than a child having to hold onto an unsanitary object used by numerous students as a “pass” to the restroom.


Bicycle riding: Children who wear high visibility safety vests while riding a bike (for any reason) are more visible on the road by drivers. Wearing a safety vest while riding a bike is just as important as putting a helmet on – for any age group.


Sports: It’s common to see high visibility mesh safety vests being worn for school sports or during physical education classes. One team wears an orange vest, while the other wears lime. It keeps the teams and players easily identifiable for scorekeeping and more.


Playgrounds: If you take your child (or groups of children, such as a daycare provider) regularly to the local playground, you can easily keep track of them with children’s safety vests. They’re sure to stand out in a crowd at the park, and you can easily keep an eye on them from a safe distance while they play.


Road safety: Keep a few safety vests in your car safety kit (both adult and child sizes) so that in the event of an accident or roadside emergency, you will be highly visible if you must exit your vehicle.


Snow recreation activities: Do you ski? Having your children wear a high visibility safety vest will make them more visible on the slopes, or in the event of snow flurries.


Halloween (or other night activities): It’s better to be treated than tricked on Halloween. Wearing a reflective child safety vest can help your little one be visible in low-light and nighttime darkness by motorists. If you’re planning a party where kids will be outside at night (such as a scavenger hunt, etc.), having safety vests on hand will enhance their visibility while searching for treasures.


There are many more innovative uses for child safety vests. If you have any questions about our vests, please give us a call at (800) 746-5357. Our prices are economical, and we offer discounts on bulk orders!