Breakaway safety vests reduce injuries and save lives

Workers can get out of harm’s way quickly when wearing a breakaway safety vest. Designed to rapidly tear away from the body in an event that the vest gets trapped, pulled in or snagged by moving machinery, equipment or vehicles – breakaway vests save limbs and lives.


Using a protective 5-point breakaway system, Safety Depot’s Class 2 ANSI-compliant breakaway safety vests tear away from the body at the front, sides and shoulders to enable a swift getaway from a hazardous situation. They’re made with a fluorescent breathable open weave mesh and banded with reflective stripes for high visibility. Our breakaway vest line also includes color-coded striping options for various public safety workers: red for fire service, green for EMS (emergency medical services) and blue for law enforcement.


Any workers using dangerous machinery with moving parts (factory, farming and heavy construction equipment, wood chippers, etc.), or those working near moving vehicles or heavy equipment where they are at risk of being dragged if clothing gets snagged as a vehicle passes by (such as public safety officers), should wear breakaway vests.


Remember to be proactive – workers should always be trained properly on the use and operation of machinery and equipment to avoid injuries. Safety Depot also carries a variety of safety glasses, hard hats and other safety gear to keep your workers safe from harm.


Commitment to quality and functional safety apparel is evident in the design of our breakaway safety vests. These vests can be custom printed with your logo or safety message. To place an order, please give us a call at (800) 746-5357.